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2022 All Section & All League Awards

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– Connor Daly (junior)
– Bryan Jaramillo (senior)
– Michael Rodriguez (senior)

– Derek Jaramillo (senior)
– Arjun Parambath (junior)
– David Rodriguez (junor)

– Anthony Villa (junior)


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Lakeland move up to #16 in Class A in New York State

Journal News Top 10 Rankings

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We’ll be ranking the best teams from Section 1 and the Lower Hudson Valley each week until the playoffs begin. Expect lots of movement due to parity. The rankings are largely based on past results, with the most recent wins having a greater impact. Potential also has to be considered along with known health issues.

A number of teams have already made statements in the first three weeks of the season.

Scarsdale defeated North Rockland 6-0 in boys soccer action at Scarsdale High School Sept. 8, 2022.
Top 10

1. Scarsdale (6-0)

The Raiders lead Section 1 in quality wins, shutting out the likes of Rye, North Rockland, Arlington and Mamaroneck. It’s good news for a team that came in without a lot of back-line experience.

2. Yorktown (7-0)

Gone are the headliners who made spectacular plays in marquee games. The Huskers bought into a more collective approach from Day 1 and are once again expected to go deep into the season.

3. Ossining (6-1-1)

The Pride have undoubtedly had conversations about finishing. Ossining managed one goal in a loss to Port Chester and played Irvington to a scoreless draw.

4. Arlington (6-1)

An early win against Dutchess rival John Jay-East Fishkill added exponential mometum. Arlington has only given up two goals, both in relatively comfortable wins.

5. John Jay-East Fishkill (5-2)

There is game-changing talent across the field, so it’s not easy to slow these guys down. North Rockland and Arlington did shut out the Patriots, though, which has to be concerning.

6. Tappan Zee (5-0)

While the Dutchmen have been pouring it on in the opening weeks, it may take a few more noteworthy wins to convert the non-believers. A 2-0 victory over Somers was a good start.

7. Rye (4-2)

The Garnets played some quality minutes against Scarsdale and Yorktown before losing touch. With a little more experience, this team could be a Class A finalist.

8. New Rochelle (5-3)

Inexperience will be an issue for a few more weeks, but the Huguenots rebounded from a pair of losses to John Jay-East Fishkill and one loss to Ossining with three straight wins.

9. Lakeland (4-1-1)

There’s plenty of veteran leadership in the lineup this season and that made all the difference in back-to-back wins over Peekskill and Eastchester. Both games were 1-0 margins.

10. Eastchester (5-1)

The Eagles got off to another quick start despite heavy graduation losses, then fell 1-0 to Lakeland. Another test, against Tappan Zee, awaits.

On the bubble: Briarcliff (5-0-1), Bronxville (4-1-1), Edgemont (4-0-1), Irvington (3-0-3), Ketcham (4-1-1), Peekskill (4-1).

Class AA: 1. Scarsdale; 2. Ossining; 3. Arlington; 4. John Jay-East Fishkill; 5. New Rochelle; 6. Ketcham; 7. Carmel; 8. White Plains.

Class A: 1. Yorktown; 2. Tappan Zee, 3. Rye; 4. Lakeland; 5. Eastchester; 6. Somers; 7. Greeley; 8. Peekskill.

Class B: 1. Briarcliff; 2. Bronxville; 3. Irvington; 4. Edgemont; 5. Pleasantville; 6. Rye Neck; 7. Dobbs Ferry; 8. Hastings.

Class C: 1. Haldane; 2. Hamilton; 3. Leffell; 4. Tuckahoe

New York State Rankings - Week #2

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Lakeland (4-1-1) Ranked #20 in Class A in all of New York State

New York State Week #1 Rankings

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Lakeland Soccer Ranked #19 in NYS class A Soccer